Here's a review you might like to see of Keith's show at the Healer in Brisbane Monday night 23rd Oct 2000 from local Brisbane e-zine The Music Platform... thanks go to Paul Spencer of Southern Cross Photographics and Northern Suburbs Country Music Club (keith's original club) for his photo from keith's visit to Pioneer Village Country Music Club Christmas 1999


Brisbane's very own Keith Urban has arrived from Nashville to perform at the Para Olympics Closing Ceremony.

His popular song which is still climbing toward No.1 on the Billboards in America is titled 'Your Everything' with his latest release 'Grace of God' jumping from 58 to 41 after only a couple of weeks. PREDICTION. 'Grace of God' to top the charts.

Keith's Brisbane show was held at the Healer last night where an awe inspiring performance by Keith and his band were witnessed by all. Their opening number '"Where The Black Top Ends" set the scene with a magnificent wall of sound commanding everyone's attention for the next 1and a half hours. The show is entertainment plus right from the first note with everything to offer such as: mind blowin' playing, thumpin' hoe down, heart wrenching ballads, mind blowin' playing, sweet vocals, intimacy, comedy, and mind blowin' playing - by the entire band. Greg Shaw (Manager) with his rough hair style look, Keith and American born fiddle player fly to Tamworth today where Keith will present Slim Dusty with an award tomorrow night.

Stay tuned to TV News broadcast for more info. Greg and Keith have been working solid for years and certainly deserve all the rewards they are receiving, it was also great to see familiar faces such as Brad Hooper (Hula) Rusty's very first Ayers Rockett playing guitar for Keith and sound engineer Guru Steven Law who incidentally was responsible for the audio sound at the opening and closing Sydney Olympic Games. Keith and the band will head back to America in early November after appearances at the Aria awards, and Para Olympics to a heavy schedule of touring. end.