Rion checking out the birdies Rion checks out the birdies in Grandma's Garden while sitting on the table with his CMT hat on
 Rion and Dad Rion and Dad ( Reyn ) and Troy Cassar Daley.  At Grandma Rosie's house for Sue's baby shower and Garth Brooks viewing party.
 got to look after my Quacker hat Rion putting away his Ricky Van Shelton Quacker hat, on the end of the bed.
Rion and the Falcon Rion opening the car boot
(he's getting too good with keys!)
don't go on the road now Grandpa! Rion telling Grandpa not to go riding on the road.
 Rion checking Grandma's paper work is in order Rion's ready to take over already in the office!
Rion plays in the Garden Rion Loves to play at Grandma Rosie's in the yard (especially with the hose!
 Rion and someone else's Puppy I wish I had a puppy dog of my own.
 Rion sizing up breakfast what's for breakfast mum?
 Rion at Christmas 99 with Grandma and Pa's It's Christmas Day,  ummm, now who can we call...
I know let's call aunty Dot!
 Rion in School Uniform here I am in my new school clothes
for Mansfield State School
 Rion and Mum visit Sydney Harbour Boy Sydney harbour sure is big, I bet I could swim to Manly if I had my floaties!
 Rion and Mum visit Sydney Gee Mum, how big is the coat that that coathanger fits? sure is a lovely day.
 Rion in Winter in his duck raincoat what happened to Summer?
Just as well I have my duck raincoat with me.
I'll put some more photos up real soon.
Rion and Grandpa about to ride the Blue Baby at Roma Street November 2000 I wonder if the one's of me in the Blue Baby train will come out ?


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