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Release #702 - December 1, 2007

The Singing Wanderer -The Singing Wanderer the Best of the Hadley recordings of Shorty Ranger

Shorty became famous for his deceptively simple and honest lyrics, set in pretty melodies that are eminently “singable” and memorable. “Winter Winds” included here, is without doubt his most enduring legacy to the Country Music industry in Australia, being recognised throughout the world as THE Aussie bush Ballad. Shorty was a prolific songwriter, and we’ve presented some of his most popular Hadley recordings on this 20 song collection, including “Sugarloaf Mountain Blues”, "Big Bananaland”, "My Darling My Sweetheart My Dreamgirl”, “Man From Nulla Nulla”, “From Bullock Teams to Diesels” and “Ballad Of Port Macquarie” and “Nature’s Wonderland”. and many more.

Release #701 - October 1, 2007   

From the late Bryan Watkins, a 2-on-1 release of his first two albums for Hadley, the self titled Bryan Watkins and his second album, Cindy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. The second release is Trevor Days’ first Hadley release, Boy Soldier with four extra tracks from a Live recording released as an EP in the 60’s.

Bryan Watkins - Bryan Watkins / Cindy Doesn't Live Here Anymore

CAT #BMCP719                  RRP $29.95
Bryan Watkins was unique. He was no “copy”, he was an original talent and his songs spoke inspiringly of the country he loved and people he’d met or those who had inspired him. Celebrating the recordings of Bryan Watkins, this 2 on 1 album includes Bryan's self-titled album recorded in 1976 and 'Cindy Doesn't Live Here Anymore", recorded in 1977.  Stand-out songs include "Slim Dusty, I Salute You", "Mr Country Music DJ", "Our Anniversary", "Cindy Doesn't Live Here Anymore", "Hey Buddy!" and "My Angel, My Lover, My Wife".  More Info

Trevor Day - Boy Soldier

CAT #BMCP720                  RRP $24.95
Trevor Day has the unusual ability to succinctly capture the simple joys and sorrows of human existence. His success in country music is probably due to his down-to-earth, easy-going way. He is a stickler for the Aussies, and has rarely recorded an overseas song. Trevor also prefers to sing with just his guitar backing, or a couple of mates along for company, rather than with a big band. This release features one of Trevor’s most-loved songs, "The Boy Soldier", true Aussie Trevor Day style!  From "Pride Of Outdoor Plumbing" to "Thank You's Grave" and every emotion in between.  Bonus tracks from a live performance at the National Theatre in Launceston in 1965, the first volume in a series of releases devoted to actuality recordings straight from the Australian Travelling Show Circuit. HADLEY RECORDS equipment was on the spot to capture it for all time. More Info

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