Gordon Parsons Vintage GP
At last available on CD for the first time is the Hadley Records vintage issues of the original tracks recorded by Gordon from 1946 through to 1955 on 78rpm singles with Regal Zonophone. Bellbird Music is very proud to be able to make these historic and much-loved songs available to the public once more.

Price: $29.95

     Recorded 14/5/1946


1 The Happy Bushman, 
Release Date: 2 Where The Bellinger River Flows,
28 February 2006 3 The Australian Bushman,
4 Back To Those Rolling Plains,
5 The Passing Of Cobber Jack,
6 My Mother In Heaven,
     Recorded 27/2/1951 26/9/1951
7 Please Tell Me Darling,
8 Rhythm Of The Range,
9 The Parents Song, 
10 Dusty Plains, 
11 Way Up North, 
12 That Lovely Australian Girl Of Mine,
     Recorded 16/2/1953
13 The Rodeo Is On, 
14 The Convict And The Rose 
15 Itchy Feet, 
16 What Good Is The Moon Without You, 
17 No One But Me, 
18 The Letter I'll Never Get, 
     Recorded 16/5/1955
19 Back In The Bush Once More,
20 You Get All The Sunshine