Lindsay Butler My Tribute To Buddy Williams
I have always wanted to do an instrumental album of the songs Buddy Williams has made famous over the years. Here we have featured some of these, together with more recent songs like Wild River and Aussie On My Mind (the latter was written on stage at a little place called Iron Knob in South Australia in 1971. I’m proud to say I helped a little with this one. I played guitar for him while he worked out the melody). There are also two Buddy Williams instrumentals, one is “A Country Touch” and the other is called “Kangaroo”, which until now has never been recorded. Lindsay Butler 1986.

As an added extra we’ve included a 6 1/2 minute medley of five Buddy Williams songs recorded with just Lindsay on electric guitar and featuring the vocals and rhythm guitar of Rex Dallas.

Price: $24.95

1. Over Hilltop And Hollow


2. Aussie On My Mind
Release Date: 3. Wild River
18 July 2005 4. Beyond The Setting Sun
5. That Dappled Grey Bronco of Mine
6. Wonder Valley
7. A Country Touch
8. My Sunny Australian Sweetheart
9. Kangaroo
10. Let's Grow Old Together
11. Little Jackaroo
12. Where The White Faced Cattle Roam
13. Buddy Williams Medley featuring the vocals of Rex Dallas:
Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along
  Over Hilltop and Hollow
  Where The Faced Cattle Roam
  The Overlander Trail
  Music In My Pony's