Athol McCoy Your Tassie Mate - the Complete Masters
This much anticipated album from Athol McCoy has finally arrived! The complete collection of Atholís commercially released recordings! The first Tasmanian singer to sing from the magic grooves of records, Atholís historic first 4 recordings with Regal Zonophone in 1956 are included here, along with a further 16 tracks recorded with EMI, Hadley Records and RCA between 1958 and 1968.
Athol was elevated to the Australasian Country Music Roll of Renown in January 2005.

Price: $29.95

1. Tassie Tears


2. My Swiss Moonlight Lullaby
Release Date: 3. Eleven More Months and Ten More Days
27 February 2006 4. Wandering On
5. Freight Train Yodel
6. Tassie Is The Star  
7. How Are You Mate?
8. Mustering The Woollies
9. Shepherd's Lament 
10. Hut Beside the Trail
11. New Tassie Waltz
12. Just Because
13. Land Where the crow Flies Backwards 
14. Darling Nellie Grey 
15.The Answer to "How Are You Mate" 
16. Give me The Life Of A Rambler 
17. Scobie's Hangover  
18.Things Are Really Changing
19. We're Goin' To The Old Barn Dance 
20. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down