Remember Me - Call Of The Bellbird Volume Three
Down through the years there have always been songs that are destined to live on forever - some recorded and performed by hundreds of people all over the world. From the Hadley catalogue we present sixteen classic songs that certainly can be called “all-time favourites”.

You are My Sunshine is ranked as one of the three most performed songs of all time. Release Me by Eddie Miller is regarded as one of the great songs from the “honkytonk” period. I Love You Because was the only hit for blind singer-songwriter Leon Payne (in 1950). Remember Me (I’m the One Who Loves You) was the signature tune of Stuart Hamblin. With This Ring is one of those much recorded tin pan alley pop songs from the 1930s. Indian Love Call was Slim Whitman’s huge million seller in 1952. Tennessee Waltz, the Pee Wee King / Redd Stewart classic from 1947, now a State Song of Tennessee. (When You and I Were Young) Maggie dates back well over 100 years. The Great Speckled Bird was Roy Acuff’s signature song from the 1930s. Royal Telephone dates back to the early part of the Twentieth Century. That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine was one of Gene Autry’s favourites (From 1932). Frankie and Johnnie is the true story of a domestic dispute in 1899. Born To Lose is Ted Daffan’s million selling classic from 1944. Cold Cold Heart is the second of Hank Williams’ three million sellers. Jambalaya was the third of Hank’s million sellers, spending 14 weeks at #1 in 1952. Goodnight Irene is probably the biggest of the all the old folk songs collected by folk collectors Leadbelly and John Lomax in the 1940s.

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1. You Are My Sunshine - Brian Watkins


2. Release Me - Jean Stafford
Release Date: 3. I Love You Because - Jim Muir
18 July 2005 4. Remember Me - Dusty Rankin
5. With This Ring - Rick & Thel Carey
6. Indian Love Call - Rex Dallas
7. Tennessee Waltz - Lindsay Butler
8. Maggie - Stephen Bunz
9. Great Speckled Bird - Eddie Tapp
10. Royal Telephone - Richard And Shirley Pearce
11. That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine - Singing Kettles
12. Frankie And Johnny - Trevor Day
13. Born To Lose - Shirley Thoms
14. Cold Cold Heart - Norm Bodkin
15. Jambalaya - Slim Newton
16. Goodnight Irene - Harry & Wilga Williams