Trevor Day

Trevor Day was born on 3rd November, 1931 in a little farmhouse at Lorne, in the north coast timberlands of New South Wales, Australia.   Shortly afterwards, the family managed to secure a small property (3/4 hectare) at Foxes Creek near Kendall, and it was there that Trevor spent most of his first eighteen years, helping his father driving timber jinkers.

Trevor's musical career started in the mid fifties when he moved to Eastwood in Sydney.   During this time he was very active, singing around the Sydney suburban hotels, making regular appearances on the old Harbour Showboat, and for eighteen months being heard regularly on 2SM's "On the Trail" programme.

His first recording session was for EMI in Sydney in 1959.   The most memorable song of the four recorded during that session was "The Boy Soldier," which retained its popularity for several decades: so much so, that the song was re-recorded as the title track for Trevor's first Hadley album twenty years later!

He then took a ten year spell from entertaining, firstly establishing a successful trucking business, then selling it and re-established himself in Brisbane in a haberdashery store.

An astute student of the nature of mankind, Trevor Day has become one of Australia's top songwriters, and has the unusual ability to succinctly capture the simple joys and sorrows of human existence.   His success in country music is probably due to his down-to-earth, easy-going way.   He is a stickler for the Aussies, and has rarely recorded an overseas song.   Trevor also prefers to sing with just his guitar backing, or a couple of mates along for company, rather than with a big band.

Now settled in Bonville on the New South Wales coast, Trevor is assured of a place amongst the greats of Australian country music, both as a writer and a performer. AWARDS 1996 Norm Scott Pioneer Award - Sydney 1996 Australasian Country Music Living Legend Award - Prime TV Kempsey C.M. Festival

2nd January, 1998