Jim Muir

Jim Muir was born on the 23rd March, 1938 at Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia.

In the early 1940s, his family moved to the "steel" city of Wollongong, and Jim was to grow up there.   He loved the beach, and turned into a pretty good swimmer, becoming a member of the Surf Life Saving Clubs of Wollongong and North Wollongong.

Music always was an integral part of the Muirs' lifestyles.   His father, Jim Senior, could play almost anything from a saw to an organ, but mostly played the banjo, while Jim's mum, Dorothy, also had a way with a song.   His brother Ron was taught the saxophone, and Jim, the piano.   Many an enjoyable night was spent singing around the family piano, and it was during these wonderful family evenings that his dad taught Jim to harmonise.   Jim started to play the banjo and ukulele to accompany himself while playing for the boys and girls in Open Air Sunday School.   He eventually graduated to a guitar, and has not been without one since!

Jim married Lyn on 14th November 1959 and they have three children, a girl and two boys, and are now the typical proud grandparents.

With his easy to listen to, laid back style, "country" was the most natural form of music for Jim to adopt.   As well, he felt it was a good way to get a message across, so country music became part of Jim's Christian ministry.   In addition to musical abilities he is a talented ventriloquist with two life sized dolls named Charlie and Andy which he uses in his ministry to children. When preaching, Jim often uses a sketchboard and paints to illustrate what he is saying.

Jim's life is a very busy one.   He spends a large part of his year touring outside of Australia.   He regularly visits the USA and has appeared on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville with American country music stars Jeannie C Riley, George Hamilton IV, Dallas Frazier and Paul Overstreet in the "Sunday Morning Country" programme.

In 1990, Jim and Lyn toured the Republic of Ireland, and because of the tremendous influence that Ireland has had on country music, he was very well received wherever he performed. Some of his major venues there were in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.   

In the same year, Jim toured on the island of St. Lucia in the West Indies. The West Indians really appreciated his music and "meeting" Charlie, the dummy.

His frenetic schedule has recently taken him from New Zealand to Canada, and while in Calgary, Alberta, during the famous annual "Calgary Stampede", Jim performed his special brand of country gospel music at the Stampede Breakfast venues.

When Jim comes home from his overseas ministry, he doesn't have much time to "put his feet up!"   He tours extensively through the eastern states of Australia, taking part in the larger festivals of Roma, Charters Towers and Gympie, and, of course, the largest Australian Country Music gathering of them all, in Tamworth.   In the early '80s, Jim was several times an invited guest at the Queensland C.M.Awards, where he sang before several thousand enthusiastic country music fans.   The Pavilion of Promise at Expo '88 invited Jim to be one of the regular performers, and this was another great opportunity for his talents to be shared by an international audience.

In recent years, Jim has appeared in the TV Specials: "Jim Muir's Country Gospel" and "Lord Let Me Leave a Song."   These programmes were produced by the Queensland Christian Television Association.

And what else does Jim Muir do?   Well, where time permits, he conducts a regular weekly radio programme called "Jim Muir's Country" which goes to air from Family Radio 4EB, Brisbane and 4YOU Rockhampton, and he journeys to Tamworth, to lovingly record tapes and CDs of the types of songs he believes will enrich and bless.   Jim believes that because there are so many negative attitudes saturating many of today's lyrics, he should sing about the positive things of life: God, Family, True Love and beauty.   His first love is Country Gospel Music, but he performs many of the quality standard country songs like "Cool Water", "Ghost Riders in the Sky", "I Walk the Line" and "You are My Sunshine".   As a result, Jim Muir concerts are good, wholesome family entertainment.   Jim is not a man prepared to compromise his standards.   His sincerely obliging nature and professionalism have gained him the respect of his peers within the music industry.

2nd January, 1998