Helen Kay

Helen Kay is a performer/songwriter and broadcaster based in Sydney, Australia.

Since 1989, Helen has worked with many top artists in the Country Music industry as well as many of the popular bands in Sydney, including George and the Unicorns.

She grew up in the music industry, working as part of a duo called "The Kay Sisters."   After leaving the industry for some years, Helen returned in 1989 and has been working hard ever since to gain recognition for her music and song writing.

Although busy in Sydney with her music and radio shows, Helen still finds an important part of her life is spent working behind the scenes with trade and industry organisations to bring reform and improvements to producers of Australian music.

If asked what her ambitions are for the future, Helen will tell you - "to be successful in whatever I do, and, most of all, to enjoy it at all times."

"If hard work attracts success, then somewhere down the track, success must be there for me.

2nd January, 1998