About Us

Bellbird Music is a company formed by a small group of industry identities specifically to purchase Hadley Record’s classic Australian recordings. 

Ron and Rosie Adsett (the Country Music Store), Meryl Davis (daughter of guitar legend Barry Thornton), and Country Music broadcaster Nick Erby, formed Bellbird Music for the express purpose of bringing these historically significant recordings back to the public, and to Country Music Fans.

Ron Adsett says, “I’m aware, through dealing directly with country fans, how many of Hadley’s recordings have played a part in so many lives of everyday Australians.  With few finding release on Compact Disc in recent years, many of these classics have been sorely missed from CD collections around the nation and beyond".

Rosie Adsett has played a real part in elevating the study of Country Music through her own university study and says, “we cannot afford to continually let these culturally important works slip away. As the pioneers of recording retire from active involvement we need to make sure their legacy, and it’s significance to our culture and history, remains available for future generations to appreciate”.

Meryl Davis has grown up with many of the artists of the Hadley era, touring the land with her father, the late Barry Thornton, the originator of the Australian Bush Ballad guitar sound, and is keen to see them in an active catalogue again. “The passing of Dad really brought home to me how very important it is to do everything we can to keep these recordings alive, and I’m so proud to be involved”.

Nick Erby says, “right through my radio and television career, one name has continued to be there supporting the country cause, that of Hadley Records. Eric and Hilary’s constant attention to recording our country greats of the 60’s through to the early 90’s has been a tremendous effort, and in many ways, is the backbone of the Tamworth Country Music Capital claim. I’m proud to be among those who wish to carry their work forward.

Bellbird Music is embarking on a considered programme of reissues and compilations, refreshing and re-presenting recordings from many of the classic names of Australian Country Music like Rex Dallas, Rick & Thel Carey, Jean Stafford, Kenny Kitching and Norm Bodkin, Slim Newton, the Singing Kettles, Shirley Thoms, Dusty Rankin and Trevor Day to name just a handful from an extensive collection of fine artists.


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